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Trauma And Post Surgical Condition

We provide treatment for fractures joint repacements and back operations.We will be able to provide equipments if needed.We can also help people to get back to their potential for people suffering with poor mobility after general surgeries.


Falls And Balance Problems

As people get ageing falls can knock down their confidence.Our able physiotherapists will be able to provide a comprehensive assessment to identify the causes of falls and will be able to help or point in the right direction to get them back to their base line mobility with confidence.


Frailily Management

People can become frail due to lot of reasons.Our physiotherapists will be able to give advise and exercises if needed to manage fragility and to start mobilising with confidence.


Neurological Conditions

We have expert physics who can assess treat and advice people who have been addicted with neurological conditions like stroke Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.Equipments and carer’s advise can be provided if necessary.


Musculoskeletal Conditions And Arthritis

Our physiotherapist will be able to provide with comprehensive assessment and treatment for back pain neck pain sprain and strains.Appropriate exercise and advice will be given to manage musculoskeletal and arthritic conditions.

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