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Surrey Physiotherapy and Holistic Care - Parkinsons Disease Surrey. Providing Care for Neurological Conditions Including Parkinson Disease, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis. 


Specialist Nurse Service and Care Services in Surrey for Parkinsons Disease.

Parkinson's is a disease that affects the neurological system of the brain and can lead to rapid deterioration in one's mental and physical health. Support for both patients and friends and family of those suffering is essential for the health of anyone involved and finding a good community of support can be difficult.

No two people suffer from the same symptoms, the cause is still largely unknown and there is currently no cure despite there being a wealth of research taking place in the UK and around the world by various medical boards and charities supported by those who donate to them. For some non-movement symptoms can be the most troublesome such as tremors and balance issues whereas for others cognitive changes that affect the sufferers' mood like anxiety, depression, apathy and irritability can be the most disruptive. Despite this people with Parkinson's can live a good quality of life and though there is no one size fits all style of treatment there is a lot of health support available throughout the UK.

Parkinson Physiotherapy and Nurse Specialist Service.

Here at Surrey Physiotherapy and Holistic Care we offer several services including health care services, support, and specialist nurse service for a range of neurological condition disorders including Parkinson's disease at our network of clinics between Surrey and Cambridgeshire, UK. We work with East Surrey Hospital in Surrey, Sussex Healthcare NHS UK as well as care homes from our South Surrey Branch based in Guildford.

A Neurological disorder like Parkinson's (pd) requires specialist health care to ensure patients receive the best possible treatment and advice on exercise, health, home care provided for them, and information about their condition or conditions. Whether you or a family member are receiving treatment at a hospital, at home, a relative's home, a specialist centre, nursing home, or a care home we can provide local support and information you can trust.

We have expert physics who can assess different types of treatment and advice people on the best course of action for those suffering from Parkinson's disease. That can also advise on equipment and offer carers advice for those looking after a family member or friend with Parkinson's. You can rely on us for support and information to ensure you are receiving or helping to offer the very best in health care services for those experiencing Parkinson's disease. Diseases like Parkinson's can be very debilitating to the sufferer as well as putting a great mental strain on those trying to offer support or research information about Parkinson's. 

A lot of information can be found on charity or support group websites and online classes about Parkinson's but the information can, at times become overwhelming and with the additional worry we all now face with covid it can be difficult.

Around 137,000 people living in the UK suffer from Parkinson's so services can at times be stretched within the local community. Perhaps availability at your nearby Surrey care provided nursing home simply is not available or a Parkinson nurse specialist has no availability to take on extra patients and offer that nurse specialist service at a suitable site with rooms care provided with a services Parkinson nurse. If you're struggling to find health services in Surrey we can help you.

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